I know when you order online, you are about to explode from enthusiasm to receive your purchase! Me and my helpers do our best to ship within 24 hours.

All items of my &Scotty collection are packed with love, care and the best materials. (You deserve the same like me: ONLY THE BEST!)

Treat your &Scotty products with care, like your parent treats you! My collection is made from a variety of fabrics. I would recommend to let your garments only wash by hand or see the instructions on the care label inside your product bought at &Scotty. If you want to use your products the longest possible, please get your clothing off before you go for a swim or a trim. Make sure to get your clothes and/or accessories off before you go to sleep or when it is starting to get really warm.

 No &Scotty items should be put in the dryer or washed above 40 degrees.