First of all: thanks for visiting my page, you must be a luxury loving pet, since you found my page.

And Scotty was founded by me in 2018. It took me a while, but I moved all the way from Spain to the Netherlands. As some of you might know, Spain is always great to go and the temperature is perfect for dogs and cats.

When I arrived in the cold and chilly Amsterdam, my ass was freezing off. I had to get myself dressed a.s.a.p., but then it appeared the clothing for dogs (and cats) was either way too expensive or way too ugly… I got myself into three options: 1. either deal with the ugly ones, 2. work my ass off to buy an expensive one now and then or 3. create my own brand that combines a good price, with good quality and amazing designs! Obviously I went for the third option.

And here we are after working my ass off in the last couple of months: a brand that suits all the cool dogs and cats who love luxury, design and are of course treated like the kings and queens of the world. So if you consider yourself to be one of these cool dogs and cats, congrats! You are now part of my community.

For my brand I created three pillars to live by:

First of all, I make my designs with the influence of human-trends as core of the collection. We all want to be a stunning beast, am I right?

Second, I only want to wear clothes if they are comfy, cuz you know we need to stroll and play a lot every day, which requires quality and comfort.

The third pillar is about fabrics and producing, I work with fair producers and only use the best fabrics and garments around the globe. Some fabrics are grown by nature and some are chosen because of the way we can use them, we all need to wash our clothes now and then.

So kings and queens of the planet earth, let’s not waste any more of your time. Treat yourself like one epic beast and check out my collection online! P.S. ask your human to help a little with size and payment, I know this can be tough as a petty ;)!